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"A Noste-whaat...?"

"...a nostepinne." This was a little clip from a conversation Manny and I had back before my birthday in October, after he asked me what I wanted for gifts. I went on to explain that a nostepinne is a wonderfully simplistic and charmingly old-school tool for winding yarn into a ball, and that I would like one, since I had just been doing it by hand and I think they are cool. I sent a link to his email and forgot about it, and for my birthday I got an awesome camera bag and a new wallet from Anthropologie <3 But then on Christmas morning I opened on of my boxes, and there was this shiny, colorful nostepinne from Daystar handworks. He remembered! It is just beautiful, and I love using it. Here is the first ball of yarn I've made with it- the yarn is Peace Fleece in the "Samantha and Katya Pink" colorway. I am starting a project with it today, but it's a gift so I'll have to wait to post pictures after it has made its way to the recipient!






Mine is Daystar's beautiful "Birds of the Forest" colorway, and as you can see is unbelievably smooth and polished. Beautiful craftsmanship!

According to the literature provided by Daystar, nostepinnes can be traced back to Scandinavia (just like my family! :) ) and the literal translation is "little stick for winding balls of yarn." It creates a nice, neat center-winding ball that isn't wound too tightly.

There is a little bit of a learning curve to using a nostepinne, but it is easy once you get the hang of it.  I could explain, but Fiber Fool has already done an excellent job of that, complete with pictures and a video, here.

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