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august break, no.26: film

I got a whole bunch of film back from my new lab today- so exciting! I'm going to space it out here so it lasts longer : )

Here are the first few:

perfect cappuccino

rainbow carrots

Seth blowing bubbles



We went to the Jack Johnson show this evening. On the way there, it started raining a little. I kept hoping it would stop soon. We got out, walked forever from where we parked up to the amphitheater, and it kept raining. We stood under an overhang for a while where they were selling t-shirts. It was still raining. I had Seth in the Ergo carrier and the hood over his head, which he wasn't a fan of. We heard the music, but never made it to the lawn, never actually saw Jack Johnson. We were all getting wet, and there was no end to it in sight, so we had to do the "parent thing", and we left. I am a little bit heartbroken about this. We talked in the car about how 5 years ago, we would have stood there in the rain all night, enjoying the music and getting soaked. We probably still would have today, but not with our one year old getting soaked too. Our lives have changed. I'm sad I missed the concert (and spent the money), of course. But I am not the slightest bit sorry that our lives are so different now. We went out to dinner after we left, and Seth was a total joy the entire time- he had us laughing so much. He danced to the music that was playing the restaurant, and kept talking and laughing and doing silly things. If we count "One," "Two...", he'll yell out, "Theee!". He knows when he's being silly now, and is such a ham. He is also so sweet and sensitive. He learned the word "boo-boo" recently, and will kiss your's if he notices it, without being prompted. He ate french fries tonight. My standards have dramatically changed in light of having a child who doesn't always want to eat anything at all, and is on the lower side of the growth charts. One thing motherhood has taught me is to be flexible and easy on myself about certain things. Oh, it has taught me so much.

More film...

I'm seeing this guy tonight: