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Cityplace Art Festival

We caught the tail end of this cool art fair earlier today. Many of the booths had signs asking people not to take pictures. I'd never really thought about it before but I can understand them not wanting someone to make a profit off a photograph of their work- that completely makes sense. I was kind of sad though because there were so many cool things and I wish I could share them with you. I did take some of these sculptures, where there were no such signs. I am not planning on selling these photos, and I will even link back to these artists' websites, just to make sure credit is given where credit is due. Because these are awesome. artfest1

This is by Bob Wilfong. Actually that link is to a gallery. He doesn't seem to have his own site. (Please correct me if you find out otherwise.) But his work is stunning and a lot of it is music-oriented. Very beautiful.

I loved the metal sculptures by Dale Rogers- they were so unique.

The Peter Pan one: artfest2

artfest3 "...Neverland!" I love Peter Pan!

And this abstract tree with a cardinal sitting in it: artfest4

And this pretty face: artfest5

And then we saw this: artfest6

This was not art, and not for sale. A real live skunk just out for a stroll down the street with his owner. He was actually pretty adorable. artfest7

She said that after the "spraying" glands are removed they make wonderful pets and are very intelligent. Who knew? I was almost too shy to stop and ask if I could take a picture, but I am glad I did. I need to step outside my comfort zone more often.

And then a massage therapist as giving little sample chair massages, so we stopped and took part in that. Goodness knows we needed it. artfest8 I love art festivals :)


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