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Finally some ultrasound pics... and "I am a bird- watch me nest"

Ultrasound at 31 weeks:

I love this one- it looks like he's waving and smiling at us.

Another of his face, sideways.

When we went to get the ultrasound done yesterday, they told us it was too late in the pregnancy to get any good pictures from a 3D, and that it would be a waste of money. I was a little bummed at first, but with the 2D (regular) ultrasound we were able to get these shots of his face, and that is totally good enough for me. I'm excited to finally have pictures of my little guy! He is head down, low in my pelvis, and apparently measuring two weeks larger than my due date. The doctor said that either means my due date is off (quite possible considering I didn't get a 1st trimester sonogram), or he is just a really big baby. I'm hoping for the first... :)

We have now officially rearranged our closet and made room for Seth's clothes and whatnot- we're ready for whatever goodies the coming baby showers may bring. I get bursts of the nesting instinct where I just want to clean and organize everything. I always have to-do lists on my days off. And when I am not doing that I'm probably reading something baby-related. I also plan on starting a bunch of holiday baking soon, and I've been knitting a blanket for Seth. I feel so domestic! Manny and I got a bunch of Christmas shopping done yesterday- figured we'd better get on it considering that it's a week from tomorrow...

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