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for the love of film

Today I picked up pictures from my first roll of film since picking my Pentax Spotmatic up from the repair shop. This camera has been broken for a few years now. One camera shop told me it wasn't fixable, but I didn't believe them. I finally found this little place locally, owned and operated by this nice elderly gentleman who is pretty much a photography genius. I'm so happy to be able to use this camera again- here are a few from this roll. I'll post more soon but I am tired now and need to get to bed!




Oh by the way... in other analog photography news, instant film isn't dying after all! The Impossible Project proved last week that sometimes the impossible is possible after all, and have made a new instant black and white film available for vintage Polaroid cameras. A color version is coming this summer. Unfortunately I do not have an SX-70 that actually works, and I wouldn't spend the money for the new film for my other Polaroid camera- the quality just isn't very good. When I can, I would love to get either an SX-70 or an SLR 680.

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easter eggs, naturally.