I'm Hannah: mother, wife, photographer, writer, artist, wellness enthusiast and lover of the simple and beautiful. I live in South Florida with my husband Manny, our three children (Seth, Isaac, and Eaden), and our golden doodle Lily.
This is my journal of motherhood, homeschooling, health, and living with grace & intention

Four Months Old!

Seth is doing really well- he is a super happy baby, laughing and smiling all the time. Except, of course, when his gums are bothering him. :( Yes, our baby is teething now. He chews on everything he can get into his mouth, which is pretty much anything he can reach since he is now a pro at grabbing things. He is getting much stronger and does great with tummy time, and can sit if I hold his hands. We have been house hunting a lot, and we're planning on making (another) offer soon, on a 3 bedroom townhouse. We're really looking forward to owning our own home. I can't wait to have a place that belongs to us, to paint and decorate and grow things...

Here are some new photos of the little guy:

Why I write.

Amber for Teething