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Friday Links: Yoga Edition

I started practicing yoga regularly a couple years ago, and have gone through seasons of commitment to it, and seasons where it's been tough to get onto the mat. A few months ago I found out about Marianne Elliot and her 30 Days of Yoga e-courses, and I signed up for the August course. August turned out to be a pretty crazy month, with Seth getting sick and cutting teeth, and then I got sick, so I didn't practice as often as I'd hoped, and yet I am still so thankful I took the course. I learned a lot from Marianne about yoga, and about not beating yourself up about what you don't do, but just starting fresh each day.

Now Marianne is offering a very special version of the course, starting October 7th. It is 30 Days of Yoga- Karma Edition, and each participant is asked to pay as much as he or she can. All of the money is going to projects to support people living with HIV/AIDS in South Africa. Read more about the projects being supported here.

I am taking the course again, and looking forward to being able to devote more time to practicing than I did last time. When I am practicing yoga, I have more energy, get fewer headaches, and feel much less stressed and more centered. I love the videos from Marianne, and the wisdom she provided throughout the course. Whether you've been doing yoga for years and want to deepen your practice, or have never really tried it at all, I highly recommend this course, and there couldn't be a better time since it will also help people who really need it!

Click here to read the 30 Days of Yoga FAQ's, and here to sign up!

And since Fridays are for links around here, these are a few of my favorite yoga-related links from around the web:

Yoga Journal- full of information and wisdom on many topics.

For clothing: Gaia Conceptions (I love this shop for everyday clothes too!), Prana, Be Present, Athleta

Earth-conscious mats & other accessories: Manduka



Photos are from a sunrise shoot I did with local yoga instructor and massage therapist Amanda Waisfitz.

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