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oh, the wonders {thrift store therapy}

Seth and I desperately needed to get out of the house a while ago, and I'd been thinking I'd like to browse Goodwill, so off we went. Oh my goodness, I have never gotten so many wonderful things in one trip to a thrift store! I was definitely meant to go in there today. This is my own, much less expensive version of retail therapy : ) I found a couple skirts for myself, for $3 each. The first one has the tags on still (!) and is from Kavu in Seattle, made of hemp and cotton. I was so surprised, because it's something I would totally get myself at full price- I've browsed the Kavu site in the past and love it.




The other skirt I am wearing. I put it on as soon as we got home.



I got three of these little plates for 39 cents each. I love blue and white and had been wanting a few more smaller plates. thriftstoreplates01


I also got a copy of my favorite book, The Red Tent by Anita Diamant, because I don't have a copy but I will definitely re-read it and want to be able to lend it out too. The other book is for a certain craft project I have in mind- details coming soon. I just loved the little test tube- I think it makes an adorable flower vase. {flower courtesy of my backyard that needs mowing} The sweater underneath is 100% wool to be felted and used for projects. thriftstorefinds


last but far from least... polacamera02


Yes, my dears, this is the real reason I feel I was destined to enter that shop today. Was I not just saying the other day that I would like a Polaroid camera? This was just sitting there for $2.99. A friend who read that previous post also says she might have one from her grandmother, and from what she described it would produce a very different look from this one. So my Polaroid wishes have been answered- possibly even twice over! I am so excited to use this- I just ordered some film from Polapremium. I will of course post when I get it!

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