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I'm in this quiet place right now. Thinking. Planning. Working. Loving. Being.

I'm contemplating where I am headed, what is most important, how I want to define who I am and what I do.

The answer to one of those is obvious- my family. They are most important. Years from now I know without a doubt that I will not look back and wish that I'd spent more time at my computer in Photoshop. My wish is that I won't look back filled with regret that I did not spend more time with the people who mean the most to me.

I have been filled with conviction that in order to work, my business plan must align with my values. This means saying no sometimes, and carefully choosing what I do. Learning what I love to shoot the most and letting everything else go. So I am taking the time to really figure that out.

Today an email from reverb10 showed up in my inbox. You may remember that I wrote about a few prompts from them at the end of last year. They are sending prompts monthly now, and the prompt that showed up today, for March, is "If March 2011 was your last month to live, how would you live it?"

Without hesitation, I immediately thought, "I would sell my D700, buy a medium format film camera, and shoot as much on film as I possibly could in a month." This was followed immediately by "Spend every waking minute with my family, enjoying one another," followed by thoughts of beach days and travel and writing letters to everyone I love.

But that first one surprised me with its solidity. The thought of switching entirely to film has been bouncing around in my head for quite a while now, ever since I fell back in love with my vintage Pentax, and then learned that basically every single one of my favorite photographers are film shooters. The thought originally occurred to me when I was just starting to shoot weddings, and I wrote it off because I definitely wouldn't have felt confident shooting a wedding entirely on film (I'm still not there, to be honest, but I fully believe that I will be eventually- maybe even soon).

Recently, my friend Angie made the switch from digital to film, and reading about that journey on her blog brought the idea to the forefront of my mind again. The same week, I tuned into one of the latest episodes of Framed, about being a mom and a professional photographer, and there was Becky Earl talking about how she switched to film, highlighting the fact that it virtually eliminates all the hours spent in Photoshop post-processing. That is what really hit me. Then shooting film became more than simply about the look (which I happen to adore like none other)- I now see it as a path to running my business in a way that allows me to raise my family and not go completely crazy. And that is why I am writing this today- I just can't get this idea out of my head.

To top it off, as if I needed more confirmation (or whatever you might want to call it), Jonathan Canlas (one of those film-shooting favorites that I mentioned above) just released his e-book Film is Not Dead: the Digital Photographer's Guide to Shooting Film. I bought it, and read and re-read and loved every word of it. He covers everything related to shooting film, from cameras to lighting and exposure, film stocks to simply why to shoot film. It is a must-read for anyone who wants to start shooting some film. {And Jonathan has so graciously offered $10 discount to those who want to get their hands on it- use the code HAPPYCUSTOMER at checkout!}

I am still just thinking- quiet- not rushing into anything at the moment, I am not selling my digital gear (not for a while at least). I am still taking weddings. I am still shooting film with my little old Pentax, because it's what I have right now, and I'm pinning images of medium format film cameras to the bulletin board above my desk, to remind myself what I'm saving for next (as if I'd forget...) I just wanted to share this with you because its on my mind lately.

xoxo, h

{above image: Holga 120N and Kodak Ektar 100}

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