I'm Hannah: mother, wife, photographer, writer, artist, wellness enthusiast and lover of the simple and beautiful. I live in South Florida with my husband Manny, our three children (Seth, Isaac, and Eaden), and our golden doodle Lily.
This is my journal of motherhood, homeschooling, health, and living with grace & intention


These butterflies just emerged from their cocoons a few days ago. They were given to Jackie by a neighbor, and yesterday we set them free. It was symbolic~ she has always loved butterflies :)

butterfly release no.2

butterfly release no.1

When I held mine and let it go, I imagined I was letting go of so many worries and hindrances, letting them fly away from me....

butterfly release no.3

and afterward, I felt a little lighter.

(We also each made a wish when we let ours go, but I never tell wishes, until they've come true...)

on unplugging the "tube".

April Showers and Spring Flowers