I'm Hannah: mother, wife, photographer, writer, artist, wellness enthusiast and lover of the simple and beautiful. I live in South Florida with my husband Manny, our three children (Seth, Isaac, and Eaden), and our golden doodle Lily.
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Something you may not have known about me...

I love getting mail. Real mail- the paper kind. Even better- packages. Oh my goodness I get so excited when I receive a package in the mail. You can ask Manny- it's almost comical.

So needless to say I was very excited when one of my favorite blogs, (Oh, Hello Friend) You Are Loved, announced the 2010 Lovely Package Exchange. Bloggers from all over the country and even some other parts of the world have signed up to exchange packages with one another. Today is last day to sign up, and all packages will be sent out before April 1st. I am so excited to prepare and send a beautiful gift for someone I have never met, and then to receive my own surprise!

lovely package exchange:

Here is the Flickr group set up for the exchange, and here is one with all kinds of beautiful package ideas. Since I have a slight obsession with beautiful paper and things like that, the package itself is a huge part of the fun! I will of course post pictures of what I send and receive.

A Precious Moment

Paris. Ah yes, that would be nice...